Cookie Law

1. What are cookies?

A "cookie" is a piece of information, like a tag, which some websites create on your PC/mobile phone which identifies your PC/mobile phone whenever you visit that website. In order to provide you with the best possible online experience, Me Host may create cookies when you visit, whether this is on your mobile or your PC. Cookies help us to arrange content to match your preferred interests, and take into account your Me Host customisations. They’re also used by most major websites.   You may also find that some third party sites use cookies – sites such as YouTube – when you view an embedded video, or Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter

 2. What are cookies used for? 

Suppliers for Me Host , who assist in the serving and targeting of advertisements, promotions and other marketing messages, may also use cookies to collect anonymous data such as how many people have viewed a particular page each day, this information can also be used to limit the amount an existing Me Host customer’s served advertising. It’s important to note that cookies don’t harm your computer and don’t store personal information about you, such as credit card details, rather they store encrypted information which can access this information, helping to improve your Me Host experience.

In order to help you, cookies may be used to:

- Limit the frequency with which you will see particular advertisements or announcement from Me Host on our website;

- Identify your defaults where you have customised your profile;

- Keep track of how many times you do specific things, such as posting in the forums;

- Track where you have come from if you were referred to our website;

- Provide you with self-help information; and 

- Make our offers more relevant to you by taking into account your response to previous, similar offers.

3. Third party cookies

Aw + id, AW (Flash cookie), _AW_M_+id

- Set when you click on an Affiliate link to give an idea of the site you've come from


- Used when you click on an advert, so that you don't get served the same ad lots of times

Awpv +id

- Set when you click an advert to let Me Host and AW know where you went after seeing the Advert

Addvantage, AdFonic, AdNetic, Affectv, Invite Media, Audience 2 Media, Clickbrokers, Ebay, Exchange Lab, Gumtree, Interactive Media, Invite Media, IPT, Linking Mobile, MSN, Specific Media, Quantcast, Struq, Yahoo, Youth Media

- Used for tracking visits, retargeting and tracking SIM orders

We also use Flashplayer for our video content, Adobe uses Flash Cookies (Local shared objects) to improve user experience.

If you wish to disable or delete a Flash cookie, see Adobe Flashplayer Security   Settings . Please bear in mind though, that if you disable Flash cookies for Me Host you'll unable to access certain types of content on the site, such as videos.

4. How do I manage cookies? 

You can accept or decline cookies. Most PCs automatically accept them but you can modify your browser settings to decline them if you wish. Each browser is different, so check the 'Help' menu of your browser (or your mobile phone's manual) to learn how to change your cookie preferences. You can also decline the use of certain third party advertising by visiting this site please note we’re not responsible for content contained on this site.

If you decline cookies, some aspects of the Me Host site may not work on your PC/mobile phone and you may not be able to access areas you want on the website. For this reason we recommend that you accept cookies.

Finally, please note that advertisers and other third parties (such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) may use their own cookies when you click on their advertisement or link to their site, on or from our website. These third parties are responsible for setting their own cookie and privacy policies.

If you'd like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit